Project AMPLIFI’s mission is to create platforms for music and art to inform, inspire and activate community. 

To accomplish our mission, our primary goal is to empower musicians, support their success as artists, and facilitate their role as positive community leaders. 

Our secondary goal is to work with musicians in our network to connect with and engage the public, facilitating music as a medium for positive community engagement.

Our strategy has developed to serve the need that we have identified, working with hundreds of independent musicians, that independent artists have for support, resources and information if they are to thrive and find their voices as positive leaders. 

We accomplish our program goals through the following strategies.

Musicians' Residency -- an immersive residency program for musicians featuring:

  • Education about sustaining health & wellness, especially for artists on the road, featuring an expert on exercise, healthy diet, and meditation.
  • Tools for fostering creativity in the long-run, featuring successful writers, musicians, and producers.
  • Business tips from experienced, successful advisors, featuring an expert on legal, social, and budgetary challenges.
  • Information for developing an authentic and coherent presence on civic issues of our day.

Unique Booking Opportunities -- with a high-touch and musician-centric approach, we have produced hundreds of music performances that offer artists the opportunity to explore artistic expression and development, while providing them with resources and support to foster their role as positive role models.

Musician Leadership Award -- to honor exemplary artists who dedicate their time and effort to supporting community issues.

Past Work -- We have produced dozens of gatherings to pair independent musicians with grassroots nonprofit organizations. We produce educational materials including short videos, original blogs, and social media outreach to support the musicians we work with and focal issues. These communication materials convey important information to the public, including the stories behind artists’ work and the community issues about which they are passionate.